Therapy Services

Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

My services includes both psychoanalytically informed psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, couple's therapy and clinical supervision for psychotherapists.

Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are based on similar principles. Psychoanalysis requires greater frequency, depth and involves a greater emotional intensity.

At the centre of both psychotherapy and psychoanalysis is a strong client-therapist relationship. In the context of this relationship, I strive to understand the nature of the problem you bring and to get to know "you," the person who struggles with the problem.

It is important that I am open to hearing and understanding your meanings, just as you aim to broaden my understanding. I am interested in your experience – thoughts, feelings, dreams and fantasies - in past and current relationships and in the pursuit of life goals. And I need to understand your inherent strengths and successes too.

Sometimes current interactions trigger traumatic emotional responses from childhood. These triggers may precipitate problems in mood, in current interpersonal relationships and in the pursuit of life goals. Therapy can bring greater resolution of early wounds, creating space to move forward with positive interpersonal relationships and the fulfillment of personal goals. In the process, clients develop a stronger sense of self. Life can feel alive with possibility.

Read what to expect in therapy.You can also contact me with any questions or to see how I can help you.

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