Couple's and Marital Therapy

At CAMH (then the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry) I was Co-Director for the Treatment of Marital and Family Therapy. I have practiced and taught marital therapy for many years at both university and institute levels and I have published several papers in academic journals on Couple’s Therapy (see publications). My philosophy of marital therapy is based on the work of Sue Johnson and Emotionally Focused Therapy, Attachment Theory, and Self Psychology.

A love relationship has the potential to be an important "home base" for partners in meeting the demands of the outside world. In Couple’s Therapy, we help the partners to move closer to one another in order to create a more secure foundation.

To accomplish this, we deconstruct conflicts in order to identify the underlying needs that are embedded in misunderstanding. We strive to understand the experience of each partner and the way the partners influence one another. We recognize needs to feel validated and visible in the relationship, even in the face of conflict and disagreement. In the process, we facilitate new capacities for productive communication, calmer emotional tone, successful negotiation of differences and greater intimacy.

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